The Kingdom of Troy is currently accepting citizenship applications. Citizenship requirements are easily obtainable. All you have to do is verify that you have not been convicted of any crimes in any other country, and state why you would like to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Troy. If you meet eligibility and pay a $10 processing and postage fee, your citizenship will be granted. Those truly interested in obtaining citizenship in the Kingdom of Troy should contact us at

Nobles of the Kingdom of Troy

    Her Royal Highness has recently been advised to make titles of nobility available to the public in order to promote awareness and also to help finance the Kingdom.  However, currently the only way to become a noble of the Kingdom of Troy is through bloodline, or to be awarded the honor due to merit. Should titles become available, it is suggested that a one time tax be imposed to help support our fair Kingdom. Titles of nobility are never for sale, but belong to supporters of the Royal House of Troy.

1-27-2009 UPDATE:  Titles are now available by sending a letter to our contact email address under the Contact Us tab on this site.

The Kingdom of Troy