Her Royal Highness, de jure Queen Krystal I of Troy

    Her Royal Highness, de jure Queen Krystal of Troy is the daughter of Norman, Prince Regent of Troy and Lynda, Princess Consort of Troy.  Her Royal Highness was born 27 January, 1984 in the United States. She was trained from a young age to perform civic duties and educated at an international academy north of Philadelphia graduating at the top of her class in 2003.  In August of 2008 after years of genealogical and historical research, Her Majesty decided to form a government in exile, hence reestablishing the Kingdom of Troy.

    Currently our young Queen is attending college to study international diplomacy and anthropology.

    Her Royal Highness wishes to set up a royal charitable foundation in honor of her deceased grandparents with the next year.  The foundation will benefit Cancer research and Cardiovascular health.

Queen Krystal is currently the youngest queen in the world.  The world's second youngest queen is Queen Rania of Jordan.

The Kingdom of Troy